Kitting Service

Kitting Services

Kitting allows us to deliver the exact same size part each and every time for your production needs.  We cut our products at the size and forms you need for your production, which saves time and money.  Precision cutting, optimization of the materials, and minimum waste will lead to a cost reduction (especially in labor) for our customers.


Laminated Products

Custom layered and bonded materials for simple and swift use in your application.  Options include but not limited to, release film/peel ply bonded together, breather/peel ply, breather release film, etc.


Customized Products Service

Special orders of materials – Leadgo can build customized materials for your application that meet your own special specifications, including size, width, color, weight, composition, temperature, performance, and other properties… Leadgo is the perfect partner of your unique business.  Contact us for further information.




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