Adhesive tape

Flashtape 200S

Flashtape made of polyester tape backed with a fully solidified pressure silicone adhesive.
This adhesive tape is commonly used to keep all bagging materials plies in place like peel ply, release film and breathers.

200S is also used to protect tooling parts and some component areas from flush of resin.

  • Colour: Blue
  • Width: 25mm/50mm (other widths on request)
  • Adhesive: Silicone

Download the FT200S Technical Data Sheet


Skived PTFE tape backed with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive.

It can be used to protect tool parts or component parts from resin flash on a semi permanent way.
Because PTFE tape, the resin does not stick on it and cleaning stage of tools and parts is easy and fast.
Various thicknesses are available, depending on the application.

  • Colour: Grey
  • Width: 25mm/50mm (other widths on request)
  • Adhesive: Silicone
  • Maximum temperature: 260°C

Download the P90S Technical Data Sheet