02-01-2020 LEADGO Global Expansion with new Plant in Saltillo, Mexico

Construction of the new LEADGO Mexico factory commenced in the industrial city of Saltillo.

The Plant is strategically situated with close proximity  to Mexico’s third largest city, Monterrey.

LEADGO Mexico Plant is the direct result of the Global Company’s continuous expansion. 

This plant will directly support the North and South American markets, with additional support of the global market as needed.

The demand and market of customers has significantly increased and LEADGO is better positioned to support the continued growth.

After more than a year of due diligence: research, investigation, site visits, and analysis by the Mexico project team, LEADGO selected to invest and build in Saltillo, Mexico with completion of the Plant by May 2021.

The first phase of the LEADGO Mexico Plant covers an area of nearly 75,350 square feet (7,000 square meters). The products mainly cover various auxiliary materials of vacuum bags, which will greatly improve the Company’s production capacity.

The Mexico Plant is expected to start trial production in June 2021. After completion of the Plant, LEADGO will increase production capacity by 30%.


05-08-2020 – Technical upgrading and capacity expansion of sealant tape workshop in Ningbo factory

To guarantee the quality of sealant tape products in the high, medium and low temperature range, significantly improve the production capacity. And provide customers with better products and services.

In 2020, we upgraded the sealant tape raw material mixing workshop and tape extrusion workshop, aiming at an automatic and efficient manufacturing unit.
With the helping of newly purchased Rubber Mixer, Auxiliary Automatic Feeding System , High-precision Weighing and Batching Equipment and efficient sealant tape extruder (Fig.1), an improvement in quality from mixing to winding was completed and a fully automatic workshop was been built.
The new type 120 extruder (Fig.1) producing 7 tapes simultaneously, capacity 400 KG/H, doubled before. It can greatly improve the capacity of sealant tape manufacturing, ensuring the increasing supply demand from customers.
In purpose of continuing meet customers’ needs, we will constantly improve the quality of products, keep stable supplying. Working on product developing to create greater value for our customers!