Vaccum Tools

This range of vaccum tools has been specially developped to meet the customer’s requirement regarding oven and autoclave cure process.

Non return vacuum connectors K100S & K100-P

K100-S: Non return Socket
K100-P: Non return Plug

Assemblies are made with one socket K100-S and one plug K100-P.
Vacuum tightness is ensured when plugged and unplugged by Viton O-ring seals.

  • Maximum temperature: 250°C
  • Material: Stainless Steel/Brass

Download the K100-S K100-P Technical Data Sheet

Vacuum Breach Unit S100

Auto perforating vaccum breach unit. It can evacuate the air in vacuum bagging film.
It can minimize the abradability to allow longer lifetime. It is widely used
in autoclaves and ovens.

  • Max temperature: 250°C
  • Threaded Ends: 1/4 NPT
  • Diameter: 50mm/75mm

    Download the S100 Technical Data Sheet

    Silicone Hose ST200

     Silicone hose for oven cures.

    • Max temperature: 300°C
    • Length: 25m standard rolls
    • Thickness: 4mm
    • Diameters: 8mm internal & 16mm external

    Download the ST200 Technical Data Sheet

    Reinforced Silicone Hose ST200R

    Reinforced silicone hose to use on autoclave cures up to 4 bars

    • Max temperature: 300°C
    • Stainless Steel spring
    • Length: On demand
    • Thickness: 4mm
    • Diameters: 8mm internal & 16mm external

    Download the ST200R Technical Data Sheet

    Autoclave Hose 14S

    This hose design is the result of more than 25 years of practical experience.
    It Protects operators from injuries and vacuum bags from damage due to silicone hose cover. It also prevents contact with possible broken stainless steel wire.


    • 250°C service temperature
    • Up to 12 bars service autoclave pressure. (Higher pressure would need a proof test before).
    • Length: Up to 25m
    • 1/4 NPT Hose-end

    Download the 14S Technical Data Sheet